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Re: datetime stamp

There's only one command that SFTP client can use to modify file timestamp. Can you attach a log file both from WinSCP and Filezilla?

datetime stamp

Here is what I found just for FYI.

Filezilla and WinSCP use different commands when they attempt to preserve time stamp. The FXP.attbr command that WinSCP attempts to use is not recognized by our server.

Thank you,
Richard Shaver
- Ipswitch Technical Support

sftp datetime stamp

Some more information.

when connecting sftp this seems to be an issue

when I connect via ftps with either client the date time stamp is not preserved with either client

inscp preserve datetiem stamp failing

I have also checked out my sftp server logs and see the 2 connections and uploads. The sftp server logs show no erros in the uploads of the file either time.

winscp preserve datetiem stamp failing

I am using ipswitch sftp server 7.6.0

I am using filezilla

I am using WinSCP 5.5.5

The issue I am having is when I transfer a file with WinSCP to my SFTP server I receive an error that the Permissions and or Date/time stamp can not be set.

I disable the preserve date / time stamp in WinSCP and the file uploads successfully

When I use Filezilla to transfer the same file from the same location to the same sftp server with the same login and I set the preserve date / time stamp the file will upload successfully

This indicates to me that the server is allowing the date / time stamp to be manipulated but the client seems to be having an issue.

Any one have any ideas on what we can try to do to resolve this issue?