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Re: SCP fails to connect to Solarwinds SCP server

I do not know Solarwind SCP server. In general, WinSCP cannot work with any SCP server. WinSCP actually requires a shell access to implement some of the functionality. If you SCP server does not provide shell access, you cannot use it with WinSCP. See also
Anyway, using SFTP is always recommended over SCP. Any particular reason you want to use SCP?

SCP fails to connect to Solarwinds SCP server

I have installed the solarwinds free SFTP/SCP server and can connect and transfer well with SFTP but when I try to connect with the SCP it fails at winscp but shows as "Authenticated user ozz from IP" On the winscp client the error is "Server refused to that a shell command" and it says "Authentication failed".
I would appreciate any help on this issue. Thanks.