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Re: upgrade to version

Does it mean you no longer have the problem? That's strange, since the last fix to text/ascii mode transfers were in 3.4.2, which you were actually using.

upgrade to version

The encoding of text files is sometimes altered by WinSCP to UNIX (CR/CR/LF) instead of windows DOS (CR/LF). Upgrading to resolved this problem - must have been a bug...

extra carriage returns in source


I'm not convinced that this is caused by WinSCP but SCP'ing or SFTP'ing a directory from my UNIX host causes some html files to have additonal and evenly distributed carriage returns in the source code. I switched on the text transfer while SCP'ing instead of automatic but still no luck. Any thoughts on why this is happening?

WinSCP 3.4.2 (Build 197)
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