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how can I execute FTP ($macro=macro_name) from Remote Device

I work for a software company that specialized in inventory and warehousing. My current project, to automate a "Automated Storage and Retrieval System", (ASRS). Each unit has a touch screen display running an embedded version of Linux with embedded QT web kit. A web page can be displayed [img][/img] From that web I am able to have an html page with buttons to send macros. That works fine and dandy. But the ultimate goal is to be able to send the "read_status" macro remotely, and update the database with the response. I have provided attachments that illustrate the process and the general structure of the macros. The main macro that I would use the most is the "read_status" which needs to be sent in this format, "$macro=read_status$PG1=read_status_ok.html$". The trick is to get the request to originate from the machine itself. Currently, using MVC/API with CORS enabled. If a Feature that could automate such a task would be a great help. Thanks in advance to anyone who's read this post to this point.