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Re: Same issue with hidden drives

@Zeeman28a: You are probably using an old version of WinSCP that does not support the /rawconfig switch.
And your version won't support HonorDrivePolicy anyway.
Upgrade to the latest version.

Same issue with hidden drives


Was searching the forums for this issue and came across this thread.

I tried the winscp.exe /rawconfig Interface\HonorDrivePolicy=0 and I'm getting
Host "Interface\HonorDrivePolicy=0" does not exist.

Is there another way to get WinSCP to display the local HDD's that are hidden by Local Policy?


That's awesome Martin, thanks for implementing this so quickly :)

I have confirmed it works and shows all drives as well as Documents and Desktop. Will test some more and let you know if I find anything strange.


Re: WinSCP show drives hidden by policy?

Thanks for your suggestion.

This request has been added to the tracker:

Implemented in 5.6.2 beta (released just now) as "hidden" feature (for now).

You can enable it using:
winscp.exe /rawconfig Interface\HonorDrivePolicy=0

(it gets saved, so you just need to do it once, not for every run).

WinSCP show drives hidden by policy?

Hey :)

At our work, we have management servers where sometimes drives like C: and D: are hidden from Windows Explorer by policy. Don't ask me why, I don't like it either :?

However for the work I do I need to view these drives. In Total Commander it is possible to change to these drives using the dropdown menu. They are actually there and available through cmd.

But in WinSCP these drives are unavailable, and I cannot change to them using Ctrl+O either.

Is it possible to have these hidden drives available in WinSCP as well?