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Hi Martin,
I open the file with Notepad++ or Programmer's Notepad, both display additional lines which weren't visible in the original file. I'll look into text-transfer.

Re: Scripted upload adds empty lines to csv-file

How do you display the file to see that the blank line was added?
I would assume the CSV file has Windows line endings. Viewer expects Unix line endings and interprets the Windows line ending as an additional new line.
Try to use text transfer mode.

Scripted upload adds empty lines to csv-file

Hi there, I'm trying to automate the upload of a csv file through FTP, but for some strange reason this command
c:\program files\winscp\ "/script=C:\Data\PLANNING\PLANNING_20141228.txt"
adds a blank line after each line in my csv.
Content of the script file:
open ftp://user:pwd@ftp

cd /data
put C:\Data\PLANNING\PLANNING_20141228.csv