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This issue is a big problem for me too, because connections to my remote servers often fall off. And I would like to ask you to implement automatic background reconnection with a few attempts if it's possible.

Re: Prevent reconnect retry

Thanks for your post. We are aware of this and we plan to improve it.

Prevent reconnect retry

If one selects a tab that is not connected, WinSCP will automatically try to connect. If it cannot get to the host it will sit there for a while and then will count down till it automatically retries connection.

I would like a way to prevent it automatically retrying after a countdown.

Often I wish to close a bunch of tabs and I would really like to be able to just close them without WinSCP trying to connect to the server as soon as I select the tab. even worse is that it will get into a loop where it keeps retrying meaning that one has to sit and look at it to catch it just when it posts the dialog box.