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Re: repeated system request to allow "WinSCPDragExtLogMutex"

The "WinSCPDragExtLogMutex" is a mutex name created by WinSCP drag&drop shell extension.

I have no idea why you get the User-Account-Control request. It does not make any sense. No one else has ever reported such problem.

Try to uninstall WinSCP and re-install it again. Do not choose to delete the configuration when uninstalling.
If that does not help, try the same, but this time unselect the "Drag&drop shell extension".

I am original poster on this. Just couldn't figure how to get logged in then.
I am getting hundreds of these requests and WinScp is NOT loaded. And it has not been loaded this boot sequence.

Anybody have any idea how to stop this huge issue?

repeated system request to allow "WinSCPDragExtLogMutex"

win 7/64
I keep getting User-Account-Control request to allow WinSCPDragExtLogMutex to make changes to my computer.

At this moment Winscp is not running. Or at least, I have not activated it via its own Start-Menu Icon.

As I was tying this, I received 2 more. No9w when I see them I "Deny". However for the last 50 I "Allowed" them as I know what they are.

What I do not understand is why I am asked this hundreds of times.

And please, how in the heck can I stop it? Short of uninstalling a super program that I now use a lot.

Just got another one.