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Re: NEED HELP (will pay): upload/download script from VBA

You should start here:

Show us your present code, so that we can help you.

NEED HELP (will pay): upload/download script from VBA

I am having difficulties getting a script to work. I need an Access VBA procedure that interfaces with a user/password authenticated FTP server and perform various file operations. The procedure must do the following:

1. Be initiated from an Access VBA procedure

2. Use WinSCP

3. Be able to toggle between (unused options can be commented out):
a) synchronize: local to server
b) synchronize: server to local
c) upload to server
d) download to server
e) delete: specific files from server
f) delete: all files and folders in the root directory
3. Close all sessions and disconnect from the server

I feel like this should be an easy script, but for whatever reason, I cannot get the commands to work. I'm sure its user-error on my part :-)

Due to a different module that needs programming in my main application, I need help building the FTP functionality and can't spend more time troubleshooting. I'll pay a developer $20 USD via PayPal and donate $10 USD to the WinSCP site. I'll also share the script with the community here so that others can use it as a template. I just really need some help!

Any takers?