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Sorry for the delay, I was out for a few days over the holiday here in the U.S.
I will see about getting a Filezilla log but I am starting to think the issue is outside our control. As the program has actually gone into production and is getting used more and more I am noticing that most of the time the connection time is fine. Only on occasion does it take several seconds, which leads me to believe it is more of the state of our internet connection/bandwidth than anything wrong with the toolkit itself.

Thanks. Can you include also an equivalent log file (not message log) from FileZilla?

I have attached a log file that is typical. The whole process from start to finish took 10 seconds but 7 of that was just around the Open command.

Anything that I replaced in the log file I did so with xxxxxxxxx.

Re: sftp Connection Times

Please attach a full session log file showing the problem (using the latest version of WinSCP).

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sftp Connection Times

Hi, I am noticing that when I first connect to a remote server via sftp that it typically takes several seconds to do so whereas connecting via FileZilla is less than a second. Once connected file transfer speeds are fine. I was just wondering if this connection time is typical or if there is something I might be doing wrong or can adjust.
This is the same as if I am using the actual WINSCP.exe client or using .NET in my own program.

I have:
Version: 5.73
OS: Windows 7 Professional and 2008 Server
Development: Visual Basic in Visual Studio 2013.
In development the delay occurs when issuing the Open commend;

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated, Thanks