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Script: Invalid access to memory

i get the errormessage "Script: Invalid access to memory" under following circumstances:

Ftp-Server: Filezilla (old version but never had problems, 0.9.41 beta)

Portable Version of Winscp 5.7.4 Build(5553), runs in xp-mode-vm vmware, same behaviour if i call it in windows7 64bit

winscp.exe /console /script=ftptransfer.txt /log=test_w7.log

Script: (ftptransfer.txt)
option batch continue
option confirm off
open ftp://User:Pass@Ip/
option transfer binary
get -filemask=*|*/ "/Folder1/*.*" "c:\temp\Folder1\*.*"
get "/Folder1/Resources/*.*" "c:\temp\Folder1\Resources\*.*"

When i call the script i get the errormessage, logs attached.
The Folder "/Folder1" and the subfolders dont exist on the remoteside, i get the error "invalid acces to memory"