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Re: Can/should (exclude) path masks on Windows use backslashs?

This first syntax is correct.

Most likely my question is way too simple to be answered here at all.

Could at least someone give me a pointer on how to do my own research?

Unfortunately I found zero examples and zero documentation on how to do what I want (i.e. specifying a full local path)

Can/should (exclude) path masks on Windows use backslashs?

Using your .NET interface, is this a valid exclude path mask for a local path?

var excludeFileMask = @"|c:\Backup-ToExternal\Full";

Or should I rather write something like this

var excludeFileMask = @"|c:/Backup-ToExternal/Full";

Or maybe even?

var excludeFileMask = @"|/Backup-ToExternal/Full";

My goal is to exclude everything below the path "c:\Backup-ToExternal\Full".