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Re: WinSCP crashing on closing

Can you reproduce the problem using the latest version of WinSCP (when run from shared location)?

WinSCP crashing on closing

One of our employees is having a problem with WinSCP

There's a version installed on a shared folder on our server and is being used to run some scripts with.
All users except this 1 are experiencing no problems using this.
This user can also execute the files without problems but at the end of them she gets an error that WinSCP has stopped working
To test, I installed a local version on her pc, which works without problems: I can open it, close it without problems.
When I open the version on the shared folder it works, when I press close it gives the error.

I can't just change the script to use the local WinSCP as then the other's also would need to have WinSCP on their pc's, and apparently they aren't fond of doing that over there so I have to find what's causing the error here.

Anybody here has seen this already or would know what to do in this kace?

Thanks in advance!