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Re: Put -delete blows away directory structure

WinSCP cannot do this.

You would have to code it, for example using WinSCP .NET assembly.

Put -delete blows away directory structure

How can I keep my local directory structure after issuing a put -delete command to move all files, to a server with same directory structure?

Here's the scenario
Local directory is a windows share with a directory structure I want to keep
Remote directory is an SFTP server with same directory structure I need to present to clients
I use winscp to transfer files only but I need to remove files from local directory after transfer so after clients delete them they don't return.

example non-working script line "put -delete -filemask=|To_Company\ *.*>0K"
If I remove ">0K" then it deletes all directory structure except for the "To_Company" directories, I need to keep the structure and just delete the files.