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Re: "desktop" as standard location, not just drive letters

You may set desktop folder as default local directory (in fact it is, unless you choose other directory) and use "home" button to open it.

Latest version of WinSCP has also directory bookmarks.
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"desktop" as standard location, not just drive letters

Wow! I thought WinSCP v1.0 was sort of an end-of-life product, so I'm glad to see development has continued, and that the program is maturing.

I have one suggestion for a feature. The "desktop" is often a place where I store stuff temporarily. It would be interesting to have it as a standard location in the drive letter drop-down box (Commander view). This is pretty typical of other Windows programs of this generation. Yes, I completely realize I can manually navigate to "C:\Documents and Settings\username\desktop" to have the same effect, but it would sure be quick and convenient to already have it as a standard local "location" as I mentioned above.

Thanks for thinking about this!