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OpenSSH in Windows - how to un-chroot()?


I was looking for a good solution to access my files at home from remote computers and stumbled across WinSCP - cool program :-)
I got it working fine with my Linux-Boxes, but I have some issues with my Win2k-Box. I've installed OpenSSH 3.5p1-3. SSH-access works just fine. What I'm having trouble with is the SCP-Part. When I connect using WinSCP (I think I had every connection-issue discussed in this forum ;-) I chrooted in the OpenSSH-Install-Directory. Unfortunatly I only have acces to some kb of several GB this way :-/

Does anyone here know how I can change this? It would be really annoying if I had to share all my drives via the Net-Neighbourhood and then mount them on my linux-box using samba and _then: browsing them with scp...

I hope I'm not too off-topic with this question. After all, I use WinSCP on one end ;-)

Fanta Morgana