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Thanks for your reply. If you encounter the problem again, let me know.

Hi Martin,

Sorry for the slow reply; haven't been coding for about a week and I use this while coding. Today I was coding again and the dev version you readied for me works like a charm. Excellent :D

I'll briefly touch these Q's, hoping it might be helpful to you anyway:
1) Hadn't quite figured that out myself yet when I first posted. It seemed it only took up the first few changes (1-3 or something) and then stopped acting completely.
2) The smaller set (<62) was still working normally

Re: [BUG?] Keep remote directory up to date 3.74

Please first try development version if it exhibits the same problem.

Then some questions:
1) I haven't understood if WinSCP does not detect any change or only some. If only some, is there some regularity? Like that it does not detect change in particular directory, or every second change or every change shortly following another changes, etc.
2) Does it work if you watch for changes in directory with less then 62 subdirectories?
3) What is your local filesystem? FAT/NTFS/network drive?

[BUG?] Keep remote directory up to date 3.74

I use the keep remote directory up to date function a lot. When I recently got the error that my directory tree had grown over the maximum of 62 folders, I was back here quickly to see about an update and indeed, it was waiting for me :)

So 3.72 -> 3.74 and on I went, or not.. Somehow it doesn't quite do what it promises anymore: it forgets to upload updated files at times, alas.

Pinpointing.. not too much info here, I'm afraid :(
:arrow: WinSCP 3.74
:arrow: SFTP (v3)
:arrow: Norton Commander style interface
:arrow: Steps: Keep remote directory up to date on a tree of about 100 folders, sync options: delete, update, no confirmations. Then start, minimize. I do have one more copy of WinSCP active at same time, watching another tree.
:arrow: Errors: none, but a lack of action

The only thing I could think of is that it is perhaps much slower in watching / checking with larger trees. That seems to be an unlikely cause though, as 3.72 with about 50 folders to keep up to date responded within a second or two and 3.74 with about 100 hasn't done so yet after more than a minute.