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I haven't noticed that you are using SCP protocol. It is not supposed to work with it for subdirectories. It is documented on the link, I've posted previously. Use SFTP.

I tried it again.
* set the subfolders to 644 (rw-r--r--)
* go to maindirectory
* change properties: Add X to directories + Set group, ownership and permissions recursively

-> same as last time, subfolders still have 644

Re: set x for subfolders recursive doesn't work

Maybe you have missed one thing. The X is not added unless you gave the direcotry also R. Read documentation.

set x for subfolders recursive doesn't work


I'm using WinSCP to acces a linux-box via scp.
there were some folders without the x permission
so i tried to fix it:
* select the main folder
* F9 for properties
* checked set x for folders
* checked set recursive
* OK

-> the subdirectories don't have an x

verion: 3.7.4
protocol: scp
Interface style: Norton commander

Hope I cold help
and sorry for my english