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Re: Using WinSCP with Apache on local machine

WinSCP is SSH client. Apache AFAIK does not "speak" SSH. Neither I know that it has any command interface. Unless you want to enter HTTP commands for some testing. For this get PuTTY and use "raw" protocol.

Using WinSCP with Apache on local machine

I have apache and perl installed on my personal computer that is connected to a workgroup. I can't access the server using the Windows Command Shell, so I looked for a SSH program for Windows and found yours.

In the session window, I put the server name as apache and port 80 because that is the port set in my httpd.conf file. I didn't create a user name or password because it's behind a router firewall and is only going to be used locally for testing purposes. However, since I haven't entered a user name or password, I can't login and I can't get to the shell window to enter commands.

Can someone help me configure WinSCP with a local apache install (no remote access) so I can open a connection to apache and enter commands?