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Re: get files from subfolders


get * f:\files\Audit\XMLs\ -filemask=*.XML

get files from subfolders

Hi There. New to Winscp, and I'm struggling to do something that I believe should be simple. I want to login to my SFTP, go to a specific directory and pull files of XML type (*.XML) from all subfolders. When I run the following I get no files because the files are located in many different subfolders. If I do a "cd" and go directly to a subfolder I get my XML file within that specific subfolder. Not sure what I am missing here.


 # Connect to the host and login using password

 open s
 # Change the remote directory
 cd /ecs-app/dcs/application/mainfolder
 # get all the files in the remote directory and download them to a specific local directory
 get *.XML f:\files\Audit\XMLs\