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Ah, yes, of course you have to know it to be able to make sense of all this.

The filename is


Re: sync script: synchronizes only once

What is the file you edited?

sync script: synchronizes only once


I did the following:

write a auto-sync-Script:

start c:\programme\winscp\winscp.exe /console /script=wscp_keeputodate_anita.wscp /log=winscplog.log


with the following wscp-command:

open FTP://

lcd site-entwicklung\css
keepuptodate -delete -filemask="|*.styl;*/"

When I launch it, all firstly all goes well: the ftp connection is established and the initial sync takes place, correctly filtering out the desired file.

Then, when I modify the source file, Winscp detects the modification, includes the file into sync, but instead of beginning the upload, detects the modification again 0.5 s later and then does nothing.

I attach the respective Logfile.

Winscp-Version is 5.7.6.
Operating System is XP Pro SP3.

Thanks for answering.