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figured it out

figured out how to repeat using a batch file using "goto". Currently have the sync commands working fine, so this topic can be closed, unless someone has a better solution.


digging deeper

Is synchronization with a file mask my best bet? Something like this maybe...


synchronize local -criteria=size -filemask=*>5s C:\Users\*****\Desktop\Test\Import /Originals/
synchronize remote -criteria=size -filemask=*>5s C:\Users\*****\Desktop\Test\Export /Edited/

If that looks fine, what do a write before and after? How do I repeat this? Do I use a .bat to do that?

New to scripting. Need help with a fairly simple auto download/upload script

Hello all,

I am a professional sports photographer trying to fully automate the editing of photos during an event. I am using a wireless transmitter on my camera that is capable of transmitting to an ftp server. The idea is this: when I take a good photo, I can a press a button and have that photo transmitted to an ftp server, where a person can then pull and edit that photo. I would like to get rid of that person (not literally, just free them up :lol: ). Here are the steps I'm looking to complete:

    * Camera transmits image via wireless network to FTP server's main directory
    * WinSCP waits until image is fully transmitted (something like 5 seconds after last modified date hasn't changed, if possible).
    This is to avoid partial images (with areas of grey/black) from being transmitted
    * WinSCP transmits image to folder called "Import" on workstation
    * Application (Adobe Lightroom) processes and automatically exports image to "Export" folder on workstation
    * WinSCP waits until image is fully exported (again, by watching the last modified date)
    * WinSCP transmits edited image back to FTP server in a folder on main directory called "Edited"
    * Repeat

Where do I begin with this? I've read a lot of the documentation on scripting, but it's still clear as mud. I guess the most difficult part is ensuring no partial image files are transmitted.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.