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Found Options/Toolbars/Hot Keys Toolbars, a little cumbersome packed with the other toolbar on top but it should do, not sure if this was also present in the previous versions, just found out.

Thank you.

Was this fixed in 5.9.1? I keep using 5.7 just cause of this issue.

I agree it would be great to have this button back on the UI. It is an operation I use very often on downloading from storage sides.
As I use the UI with my mouse most of the times, it is a hindrance of workflow to either switch to the keyboard or move from the specific view over to the central "hot key section" (I've got a big work surface).

Maybe a setting would be a solution, where one can choose whether to use drop down or serial buttons.


ok :/ I tried to edit the source to do it myself (been using Delphi for almost 20y, but the pascal one) but got some issues with the tbx/tb2k packages, they install fine but then the components aren't registered.

While the donation may help somewhat, we still won't implement this until we get convinced that it's a good move.

Can I donate to have the button back even as an optional setting?

The command Upload/Download and Delete is still directly available on the Hot keys toolbar.

This is the only thing that keeps me from using 5.8+ versions, I use this all the time and having to use the hotkey or submenu is pretty annoying. How about an option to customize the toolbar or putting the icon back where it was? Could I maybe donate (again) to have this back? Thanks.

Re: "Download and Delete" button

We moved it away, because it's rarely used and also to avoid being hit by mistake instead of plain Download.

For a quick access, please use a keyboard shortcut.

"Download and Delete" button

Can you put "Download and Delete" button back directly on the toolbar as it was before?