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Re: How to do it manually?

Anonymous wrote:

I have the same problem

Are you also installing WinSCP using a custom InstallShield installer?

How to do it manually?

I have the same problem, you said we can add it manually by adding these codes. How do I do that exactly?

Re: Drag&drop

You can register the extension manually using regsvr.exe DragExt.dll and enable the extension in registry:




I read the installer instructions at

Where my desktop is located Winscp version 5.5.4 (build 4433) is packaged to install using installShield tool that when run does not give any option to add extensions. Is there a way to add drag&drop feature without the installer? After speaking to a windows admin where the desktop is located, I am told repackaging the installer to activate the extension is not an option. The <<Use Shell extension>> is greyed out. I can drag and drop into winscp but not out.

I added a screenshot showing the installShield modify options.

Much appreciated.