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Re: Automate download/upload of only new files

To upload only files modified in the last 5 hours, and which are not present in the remote directory yet, use:

put -neweronly -filemask=*>5H C:\ats\vendor\vendor.edi /home/data/ats/vendor/vendor.edi

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Automate download/upload of only new files

Pretty new to the scripting features of WinSCP but I need to grab daily files from one FTP and move them to another preferable while appending a bit of text to the start. I've got the download and upload script working but I've run into an issue. The important part is I only want to have the destination folder get loaded to have the newest file. The source folder could have months worth of data I won't need but don't want to delete. Is there a way to say only download or upload the newest file or a file created in the last x hours?

Right now I'm on using:
get vendor.edi C:\ats\vendor\
put C:\ats\vendor\vendor.edi /home/data/ats/vendor/vendor.edi