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Re: Have to reinstall to get WinSCP working again.

Does WinSCP generate log file (/log switch) before it fails?

Have to reinstall to get WinSCP working again.

My weather software invokes a vbs that in turn invokes a bat that runs WinSCP with a script file to upload files to my weather site. It has been working fine like that for ages. However, just recently, every time that I have a system crash and/or power outage and the system restarts and the weather software starts automatically, WinSCP is invoked but fails somehow. I resolved it by upgrading WinSCP (on two occasions) and reinstalling it this latest time. Nothing else seems to work. The last time that I tried it manually, it appears to start and upload the first couple of files (they are not uploaded) but then the bat terminates before I can see any error messages.