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Attached log supplied by client showing five separate connections to pull files. As you can see in the second and third connections, the same file is available to collect. The 'server closed connection' was generated at our end when the client first collected the file successfully, therefore leaving the file in the mailbox which the client then collected a second time.

Re: Server shutdown before transfer could complete!

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Server shutdown before transfer could complete!

I'm guessing this is a fairly regular issue, but I haven't been able to find it while searching so starting a new thread. Apologies in advance if traipsing over old ground...

I have a client connects in using winscp to pull files from a mailbox on our server. For some reason, they connect in, disconnect, then re-connect in to pull files. Occassionally, when they have transferred the last file, we get "Server shutdown before transfer could complete!" for the comms session and the last file they collected is left in the mailbox as the host server does not get notification of it having been picked up successfully. Then when the client connects in again, the file is still present in the mailbox so is transferred again. We advised the client to put an ls -lrt prior to issuing the quit; but this has had no effect.

This is the script the client is using in batch mode:

"option batch abort\n" +
"option confirm off\n" +
"option transfer binary\n" +
"open " + SESSION + "\n" +
"get -speed=512 " + REMOTEPATH + "*" + " \"" + LOCALPATH + "\n" +
"ls -lrt\n" +
"close\n" +

Any thoughts would be gratefully received.