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Saved Sessions using in Batchfile


I try to automate a sftp connection with a batch script, that is no problem using the user and pwd in clear text. But I can't do that.
So my idea was to configure a sessions, and open the saved session in cli, because in the ini-file the password is "hashed".

Yes I tried the "search" and yes I need the command in cli. :D

I tried /ini="C:\scripts\config.ini"
then I have to open the connection to the site, but how can I say winscp to open the connection in the saved ini file?

I think it is very easy, but I didn't find a solution, perhaps it is to easy. :)

Hope for some good answers, thank you.

Sorry for that: it was very very easy. :roll:
after typing /ini="C:\scripts\config.ini"
open examplesessionname

and that's it.