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Re: Help a newbie get started

Sorry, I do not understand anything you wrote.
And we are definitely not able to teach you programming here.

Help a newbie get started

Yes..but How do you use the class

I called mine cls_ERL_FileTrans and it's the same as the example

how can I create an object that uses this..

in my main program I have
Dim NewSession As New cls_ERL_FileTrans

but how do I use it.

I want to create a .net program that I can schedule to run
I'm, running version 5.7.7

Help a newbie get started

I'm trying to create a program in .net (new to .net) that I can schedule to upload (securely) a file daily.
I've seen the documentation for the class and have populated (I think) all of the necessary options of the sessionOptions in the example that is given online
I think I've also populated other items in the class. How do I use the class?
I have create a new instance of the class.
But I can't figure out how to get it to execute.
I've set the instance that I've create to an integer to see if it will return anything (0 or 1)
I get nothing...not even an error.