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Re: unable top upload multiple directories

"It doesn't work" is not a problem description.

Tell us what goes wrong. Session log file would help too.

unable top upload multiple directories

Hi Martin,

I try to upload on nas multiple directories (and his subdir) from multiple sources. It doesn't works.

Other problem is timesamp. Is it possible to preserve timestamp on directories ? This facilitates rotation of backups

Here is my script. Tankx.

open s

# Force binary mode transfer
option transfer binary

#remote directory
cd //other/

#lcd local directory
lcd e:\
option exclude "$RECYCLE.BIN/"
put *
mv * /other/1

lcd C:\Users\pc-user-x\Documents
option exclude "$RECYCLE.BIN/"
put *
mv * /other/2

# Disconnect

# Exit WinSCP