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Re: How to avoid error by synchronize break

I cannot image how this can work. The server will update the timestamp on each write to the present time.

How to avoid error by synchronize break

Hello Martin,

I use following script with any options for backup any files:

synchronize remote -nopermissions -criteria=either -delete Source_path Dest_Path

It functions properly, but I'm transferring the file for a longer distance through VPN. The transfer breaks time to time. In this case is very problematic to continue by the next script run, because the file timestamp is "new" on the destination side and I discovered no way, hot to solve it.
I suggest to add the parameter of the command line to transfer would be similar like with "robocopy" command. By starting the transfer the destination file datetime would set to the minimal date 2.1.1980 0:00 and the filename would keep the same. If the transfering breaks, then it is very easy to start again this one, because the destination datetime is low and very different against the actual or original date. I don't need the rest files aka *.$$$ or similar.