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winscp script not synchronizing files after remote server getting slow

Actually I have an autohotkey script that run with a script and this winscp script has commands that open session and synchronize remote computer folder with local server folder content and all of that work perfectly even after connection cut and comes back it does the work well to always synch the remote with local content but the problem was when yesterday my remote server went too slow for some reason that Idk yet but probably something using too much of resource that made me can't browse it through Web or ftp through winscp or anything but it wasn't down it was still up but takes like 15 mins to load a simple like Google page but then I restarted it for some reason I got just 2 of the images/content on local pc to remote pc through winscp synch script and the rest were ignored I am so clueless why would this happen and still wondering and can't think of some logical reason. Because I am sure winscp has timeout of 15 secs if it was the case that it was stuck while uploading rest of images/content? Am I right about this? Also my ahk script just gives some time before it also kill cmd process of which running the winscp. Also few weeks ago I had lost the connection on local pc but the script after net was back on local worked well and began sending the images back which is so strange to not work when remote server has slow response. It just worked again when I restarted the local pc and/or scripts but this can't be the solution because the local pc is a work pc and can't be restarted every now and then also I couldn't investigate with issue on pc because I wasn't there when the issue happened and it's hard to recreate it again. I will put the scripts of ahk and winscp here incase someone could help. here the script.

Winscp script:

option batch abort

    option confirm off
    open -hostkey=""
    synchronize remote "C:\location\to\folder\"