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OK, I'll think about it.
Anton P.

I don't much like the Commands Toolbar because:

1.) it takes up a significant amount of space, which is slightly annoying because...

2.) ...the only "useful" command on it is "Create Directory". The others are all available on the file context menu which is always easily available.

I think I'm just used to being able to create new folders effortlessly in Windows Explorer by right-clicking on almost any part of the panel. (Though there have been a great many times when I've cursed Windows for not having a keyboard shortcut for creating a new folder...)

I think I'm just uber-fussy! :D

Re: Make context menu for current directory more accessible

I do not like neither solution :-)
BTW, why cannot you use the toolbar? You have all the commands there.
Anton P.

Make context menu for current directory more accessible

Hi Martin,

One little thing: it's currently very difficult to bring up the context menu for the current directory (Go To; Refresh;...Create new directory) when there are more items in the directory than will fit in the panel (so that vertical scroll bars are needed). This is because one must right-click an empty part of the panel, yet there are not many empty parts of the panel in the situation just described.

One empty part is an area just a few pixels high at the very bottom once you've scrolled down (the height of this strip varies from 0 up to a maximum of the height of an item, depending on the height of the panel).

Another is a vertical strip to the right of the columns, but if (as most people do, I would think) you choose to stretch the columns out as wide as possible then this strip is not available.

This (I suspect) is the reason why MS decided that you can only select an item in the Windows Explorer folder listing (in Details view) if you click its name, and not if you click on any of its other information. So if you right-click over a file's size or type in Explorer, you still get the current folder menu, not the file's own context menu.

[Ironically, this behaviour can sometimes be a little annoying in Explorer, since if you use a maximized window with wide columns, and you are trying to select files on the basis of some attribute listed in a column which is a long way away from the Name column, it can be difficult to visually pick out which file the info corresponds to. However, with WinSCP, since there are two panels, it is unlikely that you would have one of them wide enough for this to be a problem.]

The issue I describe affects both the local and remote panels.

Would you consider implementing either of the following, in both the local and remote panels:

1.) change WinSCP's behaviour to match Explorer's, so that you can only select items by clicking over their name, which would allow a right-click over any other info to bring up the current directory context menu rather than the the context menu of the item to which the information belongs;

[I'm guessing that you won't like that idea ;-)]

2.) introduce more blank space in the panel, for example a permanent white strip between the column headers and the file listing (which is always visible, irrespective of where you have scrolled in the panel).

[Perhaps this one is more acceptable!]

What do you think about this?

Cheers then,