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Re: How can I define EnumerateOptions in VBA

Your code works for me. Are you sure you have the latest version of WinSCP .NET assembly registered for COM? Maybe you need to unregister an older version, if you were using some before. You can have one version registered only.

Re: How can I define EnumerateOptions in VBA

martin wrote:

The enumeration type is EnumerationOptions, not EnumerateOptions.
The method is EnumerateRemoteFiles, not EnumerateFiles.


corrected the syntax as you pointed out early,thanks for that. and tried 3 different dim method, all 3 got the same wrong compile error. is there any other things I could do wrong?

How can I define EnumerateOptions in VBA

hi, there. How can I get the file list by filtering file name starting with something,say Report_?
I was thinking about using EnumeratFiles, but I can not define EnumerateOptions by the way below. please shred some light on it?

Dim remotePath As String
Dim mark As String
mark = "*.zip"
remotePath = "uat/download/"
Dim remotefile As New RemoteFileInfoCollection
Dim options As New EnumerateOptions
Set options = EnumerateOptions_None
Set remotefile = mysession.EnumerateFiles(remotePath, mark, options)