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Best Way to Generate Username & Password for use with WinSCP Console INI

Hello, I've built a script that connects to our SFTP host and downloads what's needed just fine however I need to figure out the best method for generating 200+ user names and passwords as each one is unique and then distribute them to each of the users. The Host is the same so what I've been doing is Opening up WinSCP.exe "GUI" and simply changing the username & password and allowing it to update the .ini file and then saving the updated winscp.ini file to the particular users folder so that when they run the script it uses their username and password to connect and download with.

Hopefully the above makes sense and another thought is there a way to edit the encrypted password in the winscp.ini file so I don't need to use WinSCP.exe to make these changes.

Thanks for your help and I'm looking for ideas so please let me know other ways to go about this if there are any.

Thanks again....Scott