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Everything worked right from a PC, locally and think users to send the user name and password, the problem turned out
from a user from Active Directory.

System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception: El fragmento ha recibido datos incorrectos
en System.Diagnostics.Process.StartWithCreateProcess(ProcessStartInfo startInfo)
en System.Diagnostics.Process.Start()
en WinSCP.ExeSessionProcess.InitializeChild()
en WinSCP.ExeSessionProcess.Start()
en WinSCP.Session.Open(SessionOptions sessionOptions)

I estimated the application works correctly from VB. Eh arming from the DLL sent to be done this way:

Dim sesOpnt As New SessionOptions
With sesOpnt
.Protocol = Protocol.Sftp
.HostName = “XXXX”
.UserName = “XXXX”
.PortNumber = “XXXX”
.SshPrivateKeyPath = “XXXX”
.SshHostKeyFingerprint = “XXXX”

End With
Using SeSFTP As Session = New Session
SeSFTP.DisableVersionCheck = True

SeSFTP.SessionLogPath = “XXXX”

SeSFTP.ExecutablePath = “XXXX.EXE”


Dim transFerOpt As New TransferOptions
transFerOpt.TransferMode = TransferMode.Binary

Dim transferResul As TransferOperationResult
transferResul = SeSFTP.PutFiles(“RUTA ENVIO”, “RUTA DESTINO” False, transFerOpt)

ME EVERYTHING WORKS PHENOMENAL, the drawback is when we display an ISS me started jumping errors; PERMISSION TO LE DI TEMP FOLDER AND WALLET IIS PROYECTOP writing and reading to all users of server .. not I get the error Temp, NOW I skip this error. regards

WinSCP.SessionRemoteException: Cannot initialize external console.
Request event
System Error. Code: 5.
Acceso denegado
en WinSCP.SessionLogReader.Read(LogReadFlags flags)
en WinSCP.ElementLogReader.Read(LogReadFlags flags)
en WinSCP.SessionElementLogReader.Read(LogReadFlags flags)
en WinSCP.CustomLogReader.TryWaitForNonEmptyElement(String localName, LogReadFlags flags)
en WinSCP.CustomLogReader.WaitForNonEmptyElement(String localName, LogReadFlags flags)
en WinSCP.CustomLogReader.WaitForGroupAndCreateLogReader()
en WinSCP.Session.Open(SessionOptions sessionOptions)

Re: HELLP WinSCP , desde IIS

What version of WinSCP are you using?

I'm sending you an email with a development version of WinSCP to the address you have used to register on this forum.

HELLP WinSCP , desde IIS

Since the application runs normally keep me pdfo to Linux, but when I publish the IIS_IUSRS, I find this error:

WinSCP.SessionLocalException: WinSCP process terminated with exit code 0. There was no output. Response log file C:\windows\TEMP\wscp1864.02886F83.tmp was not created. This could indicate lack of write permissions to the log folder or problems starting WinSCP itself.
en WinSCP.Session.Open(SessionOptions sessionOptions)