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OK, I see. Normally I would “encapsulate” the commands inside a batch file before calling it in task scheduler so that’s why I don’t use it directly there.

OTOH, I have just tried the same command (or maybe a bit different) with .exe and I didn’t get any error!? That’s weird. I can’t really remember what version I was using when I tested .exe vs .com. Maybe something has been changed between versions.

Anyway, this thread can be closed.

Horus wrote:

By curiosity, what other contexts do we have?

For example any kind tool for task scheduling or automation, like Windows Scheduler or SSIS.

By curiosity, what other contexts do we have?

I remember I've also tried to type the whole command in DOS window but got error. That's why I thought we should always use .com instead of .exe.

Re: Should be "" instead of "WinSCP.exe" in the hint for script/batch

Well, that depends on a context.

If you run this from a batch file, you will typically use (as the "batch file" template shows).
But in other contexts, you will typically use the winscp.exe.

Should be "" instead of "WinSCP.exe" in the hint for script/batch


In menu "Session" > "Generate session URL/code" > "Script" tab:
* For format "Script file", at the bottom we have the hint:
# "C:\Program Files (x86)\WinSCP\WinSCP.exe" /log="C:\writable\path\to\log\WinSCP.log"
But I suppose it should be

* For format "Command-line":
There is a hint behind the drop-down menu and there, it's also written WinSCP.exe but I also think it should be

Have a nice day :)