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Re: Hi

Did you try the SFTP protocol?

Did you try any other SCP client? Like PuTTY pscp?


I want to restore my router hame mpr a2 to stock firmware. I downloaded the file and did al the steps needed... installed winscp, set password, opened winscp set file protocol to scp, typed in host name and every other required things. Winscp connects and shows the file explorer page left side pc file browser and right side routers file... but I m not able to copy firmware file to the /tmp. It starts reaches sometime 60% sometime 70% but never completes. Sometimes it gives connection timeout and other times server unexpectedly closed connection. Router hangs needs to restart and connect again to retry and same thing happens again. Even changed connection setting options like optimize connection buffer and keepalive setting.
Is there any other way of copying firmware file yo router's /tmp directory or any setting changes needed through openwrt webui. I once copied i can restore original firmware using putty.
please someone help...
I m not much technical person, al the steps I did is through this site...