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Re: Hide Windows Drives

WinSCP does not have such configuration option.
Subramanian P

Re: Hide Windows Drives

martin wrote:

That's a system dialog, which honors Windows Explorer "NoDrives" policy:

And WinSCP honors that too.

Thanks Martin!

The requirement is in TS(Terminal Server) where all the users go and launch the tool. If it is local the above solution will help which I already aware. I forgot to mention that it is TS machine. We need to have preference option in the WinSCP tool which is one time activity I will go and exclude the Drives which I don't want people to see when they launch WinSCP and save it. So that it will retain till the WinSCP gets uninstalled.

Please let me know the possibilities. Thank in advance.
Subramanian P

Hide Windows Drives

I need to hide Local Drives / Show only particular path like C:\Users option in WinSCP, currently it is not possible to hide drive. The reason is I don't want to show all the Drives to the Users, just wanted to display only required Path when they click on three dot button.

I believe this is value added to the tool and helpful for many people.