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Re: Files downloaded with invalid timestamps (1899/2038)

Thanks much for your response and the dev version!
I was able to use it successfully to download files with valid timestamps from the server.

Re: Files downloaded with invalid timestamps (1899/2038)

It's a known problem with the server you are using:

I'm sending you an email with a development version of WinSCP to the address you have used to register on this forum.

Files downloaded with invalid timestamps (1899/2038)

Anybody out there who can help?


Files downloaded with invalid timestamps (1899/2038)

I'm using to synchronize a local folder to a remote dir.

When I download files, the file timestamps are empty and the File "Modified" timestamp is "Dec 30, 1899 12:00:00AM".
Sometimes, the file timestamps are present, but they're in the future - like "1/18/2038 9:14PM".

This seems similar to the signed/unsigned SFTPv3-OpenSSH file timestamp error, but I'm receiving this even on the latest version(ver5.9.3) (both GUI and cmdline-scripted). (The remote site seems to use SFTP v3).

My synch cmd is like this -
synchronize local <local> <remote> -criteria=size

I need to preserve file timestamp from the remote server. I tried using "-preservetimestamp" flag but the behavior did not change.

What can I change so as to preserve the remote timestamp correctly in the downloaded file?

I've attached a compressed log file (at loglevel = 2).

Thanks in advance for all the help.