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Re: Cannot get real path for error message while browsing user directory

Is the path in the error message (which you masked out in the log) a correct path?

Is it the path you see in FileZilla after you browse to that directory?

Cannot get real path for error message while browsing user directory

Hello Admin,

I have set up an SFTP server on Windows Server 2008 with Cywgin OpenSSH latest package.
I have created the windows local accounts to access SFTP server. Further, I have restricted the users to their own home directory using ChrootDirectory in sshd_config file.

I have tested the connectivity to SFTP server on my manchine using FileZilla (version 3.22.1). I am able to login successfully and browse the user directories. I dont have any issues with FileZilla client.

Now, I am trying to use WinSCP GUI (version 5.9.3 build 7136) to log into SFTP Server. I am able to login and see the directories available for the user. However, when i try to browse the directories, I get an error message:

Getting real path for '<user directory>'.

I am also attaching the session log file for your reference. Transfer Protocol is SFTP

I would appreciate if you could help to resolve this issue.

Please let me know if you will need more details.

Thank you!