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Nevermind, I found it:

option batch continue


Automatic Skip In Script?

I'm running WinSCP v5.9.3 on a Windows Server 2008 R2 machine.

Using the following command line:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\WinSCP\" /script=C:\Work\TestScript.txt /xmllog=C:\Work\WinSCP.xml /timeout=120 > C:\Work\TestScript.log

Which calls the following script:

open -timeout=120
synchronize local C:\etc\DavClient\downloads\webdav\Formulary /webdav/Formulary -delete -criteria=either

I recently had the script stop and see this in the redirected log file:

xxxxx_20170202_20170202 | 349 B | 2.4 KB/s | binary | 100%
Error transferring file '/webdav/Formulary/asdf/FSL/xxxxx_20170202_20170202'.
404 Not Found
(A)bort, (R)etry, (S)kip, Ski(p) all: Abort

I'm pretty sure I know what the problem is. The problem is how to get around it.

Once a week I have to sync a local data store with a remote WebDAV server. That remote data store currently has about 423,000+ files comprising about 92gb. That remote data store is very dynamic and can have multiple changes in files/folders in real time. In any given hour, there could be hundreds of files that are added or deleted.

I'm assuming that when WinSCP makes the connection to that remote WebDAV server, it takes a snapshot of the file/folder tree and compares that to the local file/folder tree. It then builds a list of the differences that need to be processed. In this case, by the time it got to the remote file "/webdav/Formulary/asdf/FSL/xxxxx_20170202_20170202", it was no longer there. When this happens, I'd like to just skip that file and move on to the next one. WinSCP is aborting.

I've been through the documentation here and don't see a way to have WinSCP default to Skip instead of Abort. Am I missing something obvious?