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Re: winscp has issues when polling servers

We are working on this continuously.

Can you give more details about those 4 dialogs?

winscp has issues when polling servers

sometimes, when navigating from one folder to another, there is internet lag, as caches and connections are updated / refreshed.

winscp handles this poorly, requiring babysitting in order to get back to a functional state - even on high speed connections.

an example...

I am connected to the server. I step away for about an hour. I come back. I navigate up from the current folder, then into a subfolder that I might not have been in recently.

At this point, I get a flashlight. And it's fine to have a flashlight icon. But... I cannot move the window. Clicking on the UI anywhere results in a ding. If the window is maximized, my entire system is now blocked because this operation is not asynchronous. If the PC is busy, then I am going to possibly even experience a 'not responding'.

That's perturbing. Then we go one step farther. Once it finally figures out that it's not connected to the server, I have to click four times to get back to looking at a folder. Three dialog windows pop up. Still can't move the window.

This portion could use some refinement. Let me move the window while the flashlight is going back and forth, or let me minimize it. Let me somehow specify that it should autoreconnect when it fails.

This happens far too frequently and causes stress.