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Hi Martin,
I guess I just got confused in all the information and the chained links. I see now that it does say how to create the keys and install them.

I got it to work with my web host, but I couldn't get it to work with OpenSSH on a local Win7 box. (I kept getting "Server refused our key" error.)

Anyway, I apologize for the complaint and do appreciate your reply. I also appreciate much that I didn't have to register just to ask a question on the forum!

Guide is incomplete: Installing SFTP/SSH Server on Windows using OpenSSH

This guide is not complete.

Section "Setting up SSH public key authentication" points you to "Setting up SSH public key authentication", but that only says 'use PuTTyGen to create a key pair'. Neither article tells you how to install the keys. There is a reference to an "authorized_keys file", but no instructions on how it gets there or how to create it!

So, I am stuck at the above step. Also note that if you follow the original OpenSSH instructions, they talk about registering the host keys (but don't say how!) and this guide doesn't mention anything about it.

I greatly appreciate this guide, but without complete steps (within this guide), it doesn't do me any good because I can't complete the process.