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I found the culprit insofar that I was attempting to delete the file after download, while the server is set to do so automatically.
Switching the third argument to $False lets the script run without error and still removes the file after download.


powershell $session.GetFiles

Hello WinSCP forums

I'm having a bit of a strange problem that I hope you guys can help me with.
I've produced a powershell script, which contacts an ftp server, deletes files based on one mask before downloading based on another.
The connection is made and my script deletes successfully, but when it comes to downloading I get "No such file or directory."

The relevant line reads
$downloadResult = $session.GetFiles(($remotePath + "ftpPINVOI*.*"), $localPath, $True, $transferOptions)
The filenames have a structure of ftpPINVOI_[timestamp]_[number].txt
Timestamp and number are just digits, nothing more.

winscp v577
WinServer 2008 R2