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Re: winscp dropping username and password while changing hostname

I understand your problem.

Though, when you paste an URL to WinSCP Login dialog, WinSCP overwrites all session settings. That's by design and a consistent behavior. I cannot imagine any solution to your problem, that would not introduce problems for other users.

winscp dropping username and password while changing hostname

WinSCP version 5.9.5 (Build 7441), can't confirm or disprove on previous version.
When I edit some saved site and copy&paste host name with http:// at beginning (which happens a lot, because chrome is hiding protocol, but adding it while you copy url) file protocol in WinSCP is changed to WebDAV and fields for username and password are cleared.
When I change file protocol to WebDAV by choosing from drop down menu, both username and password is kept.
This doesn't occur when I paste only domain without protocol, but with browsers protocol hiding "feature", changing this to keep username & password would be a nice to have.