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Hello Martin,

Is it possible to add the Download button to the Find Files screen?
I believe that would solve the issues most people are having when searching for files.
If I am to search an FTP directory with 1000 files, the search returns 20 files and I need to download 10 of them, it would be great if I can select one file at a time and click Download button, or even better highlight multiple files and download them all with one button click.

Thank you,

P.S. Great software!

Re: Search Options

There's Focus button to navigate to the found file.

Also the next version of WinSCP will not close the Find window, when the button is pressed, so you can more easily process the files. I can send you a development version for testing, if you register here.

Search Options

Dear Team,

I am glad to tell u that this application is super.
but there is one problem in find files..
if we find a particular file from any where then we are not able to copy that file from there ..
I have to copy that file path and go to that path and then able to copy.
in our organisation we search this type of file in bulk so this process is so length and consumes more time.

Hence please provide a reliable search option with file copy features from search item.