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FTP connect using 4.3.7 version on command line

Hello There,

I am new to Winscp and we have an requirement of doing an FTP to get the files from the vendor behind the firewall and proxy is involved.

We are using winscp version 4.3.7

Using the GUI we are able to connect to the FTP server by setting the proxy details.

we would like to replicate the same through the command.

We are trying this

open sftp://fsdf:sdfsdf@sdfsdf/ -rawsettings ProxyMethod=3 ProxyUsername="ererer" ProxyPassword="ererer"{Only Illustration}

But getting message that says parameters are too long for open command.

When it is possible through GUI it should be possible from command prompt as well.

What am i am doing wrong here for the 4.3.7 version