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Yes, an option to log it in the queue would be great then -- basically to keep that functionality (even if it was just a side effect).

Note that I wouldn't want it logged in a file or anything -- it would need to be right there.

Basically, I use WinSCP in this sort of way:

I will be browsing through an FTP site and downloading many files from different directories. As those transfer, I look at the completed files to see if they are what I need. I delete some of those files and keep others. Once I had done that for a bunch of incoming files, I go back to WinSCP and clear all downloaded files from the queue. However, once in a while, while checking the completed downloads, I will need additional files from the same directory that that file was in. So, I look back in the queue for that file to see which directory it was in.

Without that list of already completed downloads in the queue, I can't find the file and, therefore, the directory that it came from.

So, yes, please -- an option to leave them there in the queue until I clear the queue of completed files (which, again, is how it works right now), would be great!

Thank you!

Re: Losing "Transfer each file individually on background by default" option?

The way you have used the "Transfer each file individually" option was not its primary function. It was rather a side effect.

So while I understand your concern, it cannot be a reason to put the option back. As its primary function was replaced by the "Use multiple connections for single transfer".

But as @Pathduck suggested, an option to "log" transferred file in the "queue" list might do. I'll consider that.

That's the thing -- there already IS an option to do that that works great for me. If you have the "Transfer each file individually" option checked and you grab a bunch of files from one directory, it puts EACH file in the download queue -- and you can see them after they are done (and you can empty that whenever you want).

But the "Transfer each file individually" option appears to be gone from the Beta builds -- it is being "replaced" with an option that is really quite different.

So, I'm hoping the "Transfer each file individually" option is added back to the Beta builds. Because I really need to see that after the transfer has completed.

This is an interesting question - I don't really have any use for seeing exactly what files were transferred myself, but I can see how others might have a need to.

It would be nice to have some kind of log available in the UI, like most FTP clients. Without having to configure logging and look at a text file. Just the commands run into a window. Not sure if there might already be something like this in the options somewhere...

Losing "Transfer each file individually on background by default" option?

Thanks again for fixing my last issue. Everything is working great in the beta that you gave me.

That being said, running the beta made me realize that an upcoming change might effect me significantly.

When I transfer a bunch of selected files in the background, I sometimes need to see the individual file names later - after the transfer has completed.

So, I always use the "Transfer each file individually on background by default" option so that each file name shows up.

Now, with the beta, that option has been removed and the Help says that it is being replaced with the "Use multiple connections for single transfer" option. But that option doesn't really do what I want. I don't see that these are necessarily inter-connected options.

Can't we have both? I still need a way to see the individual file names after I have done the transfer. Does that option have to go away?