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I would like this too, I wonder if it has to be the queue window itself 'popping out'. I would be quite happy with a reduced info window, perhaps log like that confirmed that the file transfer completed ok.

Re: Queue window as external window

Thanks for your suggestion.
Will see if more people ask for this.
It's quite a change.

Queue window as external window

I love the ability to download and edit files from remote sites, and have WinSCP automatically push the files back when I save locally. However, having the WinSCP window open and sized to just see the Queue window to confirm file transfers are complete is kind of a pain.

I'd like to have the ability to have the queue window external from the application, and be able to (Optionally) mark it as an "Always on top" window. That way the main WinSCP window can be in the background somewhere, out of sight, out of mind, but, still have the ability to see the queue.